Why the Cross?

We see it displayed on church walls, in paintings, and even worn as jewelry, yet The Cross is more than a religious symbol. It represents that actual death of Jesus by means of torturous execution. What is sacred to so many can be challenging and confusing to others. The cross is a symbol in which some people are able to find profound and life changing significance. Yet for many, the brutality and the violence of this event is a distraction to its meaning.

This is a misunderstanding that has been happening for a long time. 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 – Paul talks about how the cross is foolish to some is the power of God to others. This death and its depiction are at the center of the way that human beings relate to the Eternal God of the Christian faith. This year, as we approach Easter, we are going to ask: “Why the cross?” We are going to explore different pictures and metaphors that scripture provides to help us understand this event of eternal significance. This series is happening both in the main adult services at Dulles and in Echo Middle School, so it presents parents with a great opportunity to talk it out with their teens.

Week 1 – The cross reveals the justice of God – the God who “justifies” the ungodly is still a just ruler. The cross is the solution to the offense against justice that our sin has created.

Week 2 – The cross is a source of rescue and redemption. We have gotten ourselves in a mess and we are in desperate need of help. The cross is our rescue from the spiritual prison of our own making.

Week 3 – The cross reveals the extent of God’s love. Part of the problem is that we run from God because we misunderstand His intentions for us. The cross was also a demonstration of the love of God for us, that while we were still sinners and enemies of God, Jesus died for us to reconcile us to our Father in Heaven.


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