MTV Video Music Awards

One of my “mentors from afar” (someone who has a great influence on me without ever having met me), Walt Mueller, is an interpreter and analyst of youth culture. He encourages parents and youth pastors every year to sit down for a while and watch the MTV VMA’s. Now I know you have better things than this to do on a Sunday night, but would you consider tuning in for a bit or setting your DVR to capture some of it? Look at the exercise as research into the “world beneath.” They start this Sunday at 9pm EST.

The VMA’s are a window into youth culture. You will see things that disturb you, other things that shock you, and still others that should bother you but do not. Try and watch it through the eyes of a teen or preteen. While you watch, keep these questions in the front of your mind:

Based on what I’m seeing on the VMAs. . .
-who are we as a culture?
-what do we value in our culture?
-what do we believe in our culture?
-how are we choosing to live in our culture?


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