Summer Opportunity for Middle School Echoers

This Summer, we are trying something new. Starting in June, we are offering classes that are designed to be a “next step” for our Echo Middle School students. They will be lead by some of our Echo Small Group Leaders and go for 8 weeks. If you are interested in signing up (or signing up your middle schooler), email me or see the echo info table on Sunday. These classes have been designed gender and grade specific, so pay attention to that. To help our students stay “invested” in these courses, as well as to cover the cost of curriculum and whatnot, their will be a $15.00 per person tuition fee.

1. The Search for Significance – 8th Grade Girls Bible Study – join Rebecca Katzer on a study of a great book this summer. This class will help you discover who you are in the eyes of God and how valuable you are to Him. This class will meet Wed Nights @ the Philbrick’s and the Tunstall’s. This is a fantastic book and could really change the way our young ladies define themselves. If I had an 8th grade daughter, I would cancel her summer activities to make sure she took this course. Seriously.

2. myChurch – 6-7th Grade Girl’s Bible Study – join Jodie Smithson in a 12 week journey through the intersection of the church and your life. This class will be an adventure into what God and “church” are all about. This class will meet Tuesday nights at the church office.

3. Nuts and Bolts of God’s Design – 8th Grade Guys Bible Study – join Max Katzer and learn something about God’s design, and pick up some skills with engines and cars along the way. Time and location TBD.

4. Backstage Pass to the Bible – 6th-7th Grade Guys Bible Study – Join Justin as he digs into the “behind the scenes” details of the bible. You will learn a bit about how to read it, where to start, and get a good introduction to the Bible as a whole, plus you will get to hear some of its craziest stories. Time and location TBD.


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