Welcome to the ECHO Parent Forum Weblog

DCC has gone Orange.

Or at least “ORANGE” is the word we are using to describe our philosophy of ministry to families.  We believe that parents want the best for their children, hoping they become spiritually healthy adults someday.  We believe that youth ministry can play a vital role in connecting teens to God and His Kingdom.  When these forces combine, we believe we will see a synergistic increase in ministry effectiveness.  So, with this in mind, it is my pleasure to unveil the Echo Parent Forum Weblog.

Here is what I hope to accomplish here:

1.  Better communication between our youth ministry and our parents. This morning I met with an Echo mom that had never received emails from me.  This is a mom of a very involved Echo Middle Schooler, and somehow, she has been in the dark about communication.  I hope that this blog gives parents a space to hear what is going on with Echo and to talk about it.  I also hope this becomes a place where the heart and culture of our youth ministry are communicated to parents in a clear way.

2. Connect our parents to the teaching/experiences our students encounter in Echo. My dream is to give parents short summaries of teaching series or experiences that their students are covering.  This will provide them with a tool to initiate spiritual conversations with their teens.  I hope to provide some discussion questions that parents can ask at the elusive family dinner or in the car on the way from dance to basketball practice.

3. Engage youth culture with a redemptive voice. As busy as parents are juggling work, home, and family obligations, I am pretty sure they don’t often have the time to check out latest episode of The Hills or the latest Katy Perry CD.  You might not like what they watch or listen to; but it has undeniable effects on their worldview and attitudes.  On this blog, we will engage youth culture through the lens of scripture and suggest ways to talk out these realities with your teens.


One thought on “Welcome to the ECHO Parent Forum Weblog

  1. Wow! This is great! As a parent of an Echo high schooler, I appreciate the many different ways that Justin and the rest of the Echo leaders connect and communicate with our DCC youth and their families. Thank you!

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